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The 4 Steps of Roots & Shoots

These steps have been honed over more than two decades of working with hundreds of thousands of young people around the world. Each step is self-directed, and connects your passion to your community's needs.

Step 1: Get Inspired

In the first step of the Roots & Shoots journey, we want you to get inspired to make a difference.

On your journey of inspiration you’ll meet Jane Goodall and hear stories of young people making a real difference by leading change in their own backyards.


Step 2: Community Mapping

In order to make your community a better place for people, other animals and the environment, you need to first understand who lives there and if everyone’s needs are being met.

Step 3: Take Action

It’s now time to determine which community issue you’re going to tackle and design and implement a plan to get it done!


Step 4: Celebrate Your Impact

In the final and very important step of the Roots & Shoots journey, celebrate all that you’ve accomplished for animals, people, and the environment.

I love how simple the concept is - to explore your backyard, connect yourself to your community through mapping, find problems, and do your part to fix them. It's a foundational plan that always provides meaningful projects and connections. Engaging the kids seasonally comes so naturally
when you are outdoors surrounded by nature.

- Lindsay Currie, Group Leader, ON

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