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We're rooting for you.

Welcome to your
Roots & Shoots

Online Guide

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Thank goodness for you.

This website is a very happy place. Because everyone who comes here is trying to do something good for the world. Everyone here believes this world is worth protecting. And best of all, everyone who comes here is owning their power to be be able to do something to protect it.

Use this site to work your way through the 4 steps. Use the chatbot on this page to send us any questions as you go or email us at If you have time, use the form at the bottom of each step to send us your project updates. You can share text, photos, and videos of your work. These help us keep other groups inspired and active!


Always remember: you have the power to slow biodiversity loss, ease the effects of climate change, and eradicate environmental inequity in your community. Even if it only affects one person, one inch of land, or one specimen in your backyard. That's leadership. That's change. That's hope.


Thank you for showing up, standing out, and leading by example. 

- the team at the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada 

Explore the global Roots & Shoots movement,
and share your project,
with the hashtag #RoostAndShoots

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